No Savior

by Charles Mathew Tyner III - Scorpio

Looking to the Heavens for a sign that relief will come to us in our hardship.
Waiting for the skies to open and see an army bringing reinforcements to help us in our battles.
When our battles are only to be blamed on ourselves, how can we ask for help?
We seek to destroy each other for our differences, but we wish to be saved from destruction.
Too many times before we have been given a chance to be guided to safety, but our selfishness made us turn away.
Many have come to show us and guide us with a light through the darkness.
In the end, as always, humanity casts themselves back into the depths not seeing that our teachers are gone.
Now is the time that people have to fight for themselves for their own preservation.
There is no depending on someone to carry us when we should be walking on our own.
Why should we ask to be absolved from pain we have created in the world we live in?
You want to fight to hurt each other, but there is no fight to uplift one another?
What sense is there in walking down the path we have opened up?
Who should want to save us from ourselves when all we do is bring about darkness?
If people want to find a better life, a better existence, then we have to seek that eternity for ourselves.
Instead on depending on another Savior or guide to show us what we already know.
Because there isn't another one coming for a very long time.

Reason for writing:

    Just a whisper in the breeze...    

Birth sign: Scorpio
Date created: 2011-04-06 06:18:54
Last updated: 2021-03-03 14:47:17
Poem ID: 72227

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