All This Love

by Charles Mathew Tyner III - Scorpio

All I could ever want is to see you smile.  For happiness to surround your heart and soul.  Never would I ever wish to see a tear within your eyes.  I only want to take your pain into myself and relieve your burdens.  To have the sun shine over you to light the shadows within you.
But it means nothing...
You have never asked for my love.  You have never asked for me to take on any form of dedication.  You have never asked me to be there for you.  You have never asked for me to try to keep you full of joy.  Though you bring so much joy to me essence.
It still means nothing...
I've tried so hard to turn away from you.  I've tried my hardest to walk away from my own heart.  I wanted to be invisible to your heart so that you would not see, but feel love.  My prayers to be in the shadows of you only made my flame burn stronger.  Why can't I let you go?
Nothingness leads to longing...
Why does my opinion of anything mean so much to you?  We may be family, but I am still just a man who married into your life.  Your life is yours to live without my feelings being an interference.  In an infinite amount of lifetimes, I will always be a shadow.  But looking into your eyes makes me long to step into your light.
A fool ends up with nothing...
I've seen my future and, as always, it is full of loneliness.  Never would I want you to deal with the burdens to come.  I pray that my love for you helps to guide you to eternal peace.  My faith has me believe that you will be happy in existence.  I will continue to walk this path through time to make sure.
To exist with nothing...
That is the fate of one such as I.

Reason for writing:

    Yeah...Another poem about my love...Don't like it?...So what...It's a way of getting some secrets out, okay?    

Birth sign: Scorpio
Date created: 2011-09-16 01:06:17
Last updated: 2021-03-03 14:47:17
Poem ID: 72236

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