In Rain

by Twan - Aries

Even if I pretend it made me happy
Even if I pretend it hasn't
Lower and lower I descend

I put myself out there, admitting what we all know is true
With my magnifying glass trying to locate even one clue
Only on myself can I depend

In rain that falls so softly it might as well be mist
In a world where love can only last til the end of the tryst
Is where we all must stand

I've made no time for you before
adding to my regrets one more
I trust so much that I give you my hand

And I get burned. I retreat into my shell
Because it's something that I know too well
Since you've been away...

I make do with my limited mind
Someone who understands me is hard to find
Since we can't get together, let's play

In rain that lies upon the city like a blanket upon beauty
We sit and watch the days melt into each other
In rain that turns the night into a canvas of remote solitude
I sit at my window gazing into nothing. 

So the rain comes, and it washes away the grime of a crushed dream soundlessly.

A taxicab retreats down a damp street.
Back lights flashing a romantic tattoo
Taking someone to their home, over which a sky blue!

I remember the days when the rain wrote the scene
streets glistened from the lights and were swept so clean
And now? What now?

In rain things become what they were meant to be. 
Birth sign: Aries
Date created: 2011-10-04 05:50:47
Last updated: 2021-03-03 14:47:17
Poem ID: 72237

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