a childs memory

by allyson(allycat) - Gemini

this child sitten beside me looking at pictures of me and his mommy from way back in pre-teen day we were close back then but one day is all it takes for things to majorly change.

his dads my "bestie" but from what i'm told his mom took a turn for the worst before she passed and took a ride in the hurst.

so sad to think what an amazing mind and great kid then one day it was all gone and i had no idea because i was to buisy travelin.

what have we done man!? look at us all haten on each other what happen back when we all faught for each other! take a step back and analyze the situation before another one of us stupid f***s lose another life to the stupid fights.

what memory does that child have of his momma not a damn one   wich is a pure shame that all he has is pictures and mind games. it cant keep going down like this its time to take my own advice and grow the f*** up ....keep laughin you need to do the same playing these stupid childish games your grown and getting real old so learn to act right before its to late.
 peace love and squash the damn hate.
Birth sign: Gemini
Date created: 2013-09-05 01:30:09
Last updated: 2021-03-03 14:47:17
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