he did

by ALLYSON - Gemini

his words
so cold to my fragile soul.

his hand goes across my face
as I brace myself
for another bad day.
the child stands there watching scared as I cry and scream for him to stop choking me.

my heart stops my eyes go blurry 
how did things change in such a hurry.
he was once my loving husband 
my protector
the one who picked me up when I fell
and now I don't even know him.

he is a stranger and infront of his child he slaps and screams
he stops...looks at me gasping for air trien not to shed a tearr
trying to gather my strength to just stand once again
to bed! he screams don't let me see you move he says
but I can't...my strength is gone the childs trying to help
so whats to be said?
from what my husband
once a loving friend?
who suddenly isn't happy 
with his own family.

Birth sign: Gemini
Date created: 2014-01-01 01:10:30
Last updated: 2021-03-03 14:47:18
Poem ID: 72270

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