your hate

by allyson - Gemini

fueled by deception and lust
agreed your hate is not with out reason.
let it fuel you
to strive for excellence 
for perfect imperfection.

was It so horrible old man?
to imagine
that love could truly lead you to yourself?

is it so wrong?
that two children started out 
leading one another on threw false statements
enjoying the game..
only to find them selves in lifes greatest lesson?

tied up in a web of lies and sorrow 
buried deep in our hearts lies a past part trueth part 

regardless one thing will always remain..
that you were real
that it is possible for two strangers to connect in such a way not even the wisest elder would be able to explain.
my hope is that your hate does not cloud your judgment.
your are perfectly imperfect and your heart deserves a break.

dear man do not follow on my path I beg you.
it is not a life you are ment for
to wake up every morning knowing the one lying by your side has no place for you in his heart other then a keeper.
to know you your self are to be blamed for your actions and for your place in his life.
may your heart be peaceful and full of love..

pass your hate to the sky
let the stars take away all of your anger
so you may no longer suffer.
Birth sign: Gemini
Date created: 2014-04-23 19:53:22
Last updated: 2021-03-03 14:47:18
Poem ID: 72273

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