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In this world of chaos and crime, occasionally a child goes missing, either kidnapped or "stolen" by an ex spouse. When such unfortunate things happen, everyone should help in any way possible. A child should never have to put up with being away from their home and parents. To this end we have setup this page free of charge to the public.

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John X. Sorrell Jr.
Birthday: April 5,1988 White Male Dark Brown hair, Brown eyes, about 5'9, Missing from Jacksonville Youth Sanctuary Jefferson St. Jacksonville Fl. 32208 Missing since May 5,2005.
City: Jacksonville
Entry #2610 added on May 31, 2005 Report this entry.

samantha Laypool
I saw you were looking for my sister and I this is kelly. And I tried the e mail it does not work. Please contact me a soon as possible is you get this. We are looking for you and Renee. Love always
City: boston ma
Entry #2609 added on May 30, 2005 Report this entry.

Tatiana Sanchez
Brown Hair From Hartford CT Spoken languages englsh,spanish,missing since april something well shes just my best friend but i wanna sorta know where is she now i wonder is she dead or alive
City: Hartford
Entry #2608 added on May 27, 2005 Report this entry.

Jessica L Abrams
Jessica is a 17 year old light skined feamale who is latino and Puerto Rican. She weighs about 140lbs. and has a birthmark on the left side of her cheek. She normally wears her hair down. She has been missing since May 18,2005. She can speak read and write in both english and spanish. Please if you have any information contact Ms.Theresa Abrams at 1773-426-1755. She may be on the far south east side of chicago, south side of Chicago or in Blue Island. Thank You so much and please help us bring Jessica back safe. Angela Abrams Her 15 year old sister
City: Park Ridge
Entry #2607 added on May 26, 2005 Report this entry.

jamie t moyer
DOB 12-7-78 Red hair aprox 6' tall, only speaks english, missing from Pa since march 2004. Had problems with drugs and last seen in san fran california
City: souderton pa
Entry #2606 added on May 20, 2005 Report this entry.

Anthony Nicholas Heer
My ex husband actually used this site before and then STOLE my children by getting a temp custody order and having his lawyer send letters (they say) to old address when they KNEW where I lived so I would miss the court date and lose by defualt!!!! I will post photos of them on here...please please HELP. My name is Zarabeth Friedman my childrens names are Anthony and Kendall Heer they are now 7&8 yrs old. They were taken from a babysitters house on Feb 6th 2001. If you know any of these people they will know where my children are Joseph William Heer (went to school in Michigan City Indiana during 2000 to be a chef) Roseann Heer (Blue Island, IL) William Heer (Blue Island, IL) Danny Heer (Illinois) Joseph Spinazola (California or Florida) Mary Jo Anderson (childrens names are Daryl Andersen Jr. and she has a daughter as well)(last known South Holland but has moved over the last few years) Daryl Andersen (last known South Holland but has moved over the last few years) (worked for Sears) Amanda Love (Michigan City family lives in Hammond Indiana - I think he may have married Amanda I am not sure though) This is what Joe (their father name) (Joseph William Heer) posted before I will edit out the "missing dates" I cannot believe that he did this and then stole them I had restraining order against this guy becuase he kept telling me "I would be lucky if I seen my kids" at the end of EVERY visit with him IF ANYONE ANYONE CAN help me to locate this man I will do anything I can to repay you I don't have a lot of money but I want to see my babies pelase help me. He started this campaign to get them AFTER I remarried and started hurting them and saying I did it they would come back after visits with Lice and dirty filthy clothes. He broke down the door at one place I lived and broke windows out of others, he would call the police so many times they told me to tell him to stop calling them. Please please help me Kendall Morgan Heer Birthdate 05/14/1998 Lt Brown Hair Brown Eyes Light skin Last known address 2060 Broadway, Blue Island Illinois No birthmarks (he stated that BUT she did have a slight "angel kiss" between her eyebrows and then a slight birthmark on the back of her neck as well)-however stitched scar on right knee Missing since 02/06/01 7 years old no glasses at that time Last seen with Joseph William Heer (possibly Roseann of WIlliam Heer or Mary Jo Andersen Daryl Andersen Danny Heer-these are his immediate family members) Names called as of 2001- Kendall, Kenny or Ki-Ki -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Anthony Heer Birthdate 01/17/1997 Brown Hair Brown Eyes White Skin Last known address 2060 Broadway Blue Island Illinois Anthony has a Birthmark on his lower back about the size of a dime and is blueish in color, doctor called it a Mongolian Spot. 8 years old Missing since 02/06/01 No glasses at the time. Last seen with Jospeh Heer possibly Amanda Love Answers to either Anthony or Tony The mother of Joe (Roseann Heer) lied to Federal Officer when asks on a conference call about her sons whereabouts. If you know ANYTHING about where my children are PLEASE contact me. I cannot have papers to change custody back to me without knowing where he is to have him served.
City: St louis
Entry #2605 added on May 20, 2005 Report this entry.

Entry #2604 added on May 18, 2005 Report this entry.

Alexis Branson
Birthday: 1-30-90, Hair Color: Black/Brunette, Eye: Green, Skin: Light caucasion, City: Olathe, Kansas, Does not speak another language other than english, Birth Mark: On right knee red in color, Missing Since: April 27, 2005, Height 5'4" Wight: 125 lbs, Does not wear classes. Other: Nose pierced on right side, belly pierced, upper right ear pierced, both ears pierced once on lobe.
City: Olathe, Ks
Entry #2603 added on May 17, 2005 Report this entry.

Michelle Rosado
b/d:7/8/88 hair:brown,eyes:brown,skin:tan/olive City/state:Searcy Arkansas Marks:dimples when smiles last time seen:Thurday May 12,2005 height/weight:5'8"/100 pounds she wears glasses
City: searcy,Arkansas
Entry #2602 added on May 14, 2005 Report this entry.

orla Ronaghan
d.o.b 30 of jan 1988. she has long black hair.has a mole on her left leg.has a bad drinkin problem. about 5ft tall.
City: letterkenny
Entry #2601 added on May 11, 2005 Report this entry.

oct1st 1990.weighs 120lbs.14 years. silver eyes.light blonde hair.missing since 10/1/04.speaks german.doesn't wear birthmarks.light white skin.
City: ulysses kansas
Entry #2600 added on May 9, 2005 Report this entry.

david t. kostas
november 06,2000 brown hair,brown eyes,fair skinned my home;1610 w.pasedena #5 phoenix,az n/a n/a june of 2002 he will be 5years old on november06. no glasses
City: phoenix
Entry #2599 added on May 5, 2005 Report this entry.

Kirsten Sheldon
Kirstens was born 04/10/1991. She was last seen in Fairbanks Alaska and is thought to be in Anchorage Alaska. SHe is 14years old, 5' tall 100lbs brown hair and eyes. She was last seen with a older man serving with the military named Thomas A. She has been missing since 02/06/05. Kirsten is in need of mediical attention and she has amultile piercings in her ears where she like to wear many large hoop earings. She also has her lower lip peirced. If seen please call 911. Kirsten is listed with VCA and NCMEC.
City: Houston
Entry #2598 added on May 1, 2005 Report this entry.

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